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107 days to start
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Powerful reinforcements are rushing to the line-up of the 20th anniversary Stereoleto festival! Meet the third wave of artists!

Powerful reinforcements are rushing to the line-up of the 20th anniversary Stereoleto festival! Meet the third wave of artists!

Ivan Dorn is a Ukrainian singer who, with his albums Сondorn and Randorn, laid the foundation for a new Russian-language electronic music and opened the way for dozens of contemporary pop musicians. Constantly experimenting, he is always ready to surprise fans with something new - from jazzy funky to garage raves, from lyrical ballads in the warm acoustics of home apartments to thousands of festivals singing with him.

Tesla Boy is the stunning energy of pulsating electronic sound, along with an enchanting light show and mesmerizing vocals from project leader Anton Sevidov. The band recently released their first album in Russian, thereby destroying all the stereotyped ideas about themselves as a group singing exclusively in English.

Antokha MC plays "light" hip-hop and brings goodness to the masses. Its originality is immediately evident, and its characteristic sound is in the ears. He writes music himself, writes lyrics himself, plays the trumpet himself, and everyone claims that he should only be listened to live. Check it out?

Rosemary Loves a Blackberry is a multi-genre project by Moscow activist Diana Burkot, organically combining notes of light surreal sound and sweet neurasthenia. Diana's music is the same "smart electronics" for those who grew up on Portishead, Massive Attack and Bjork and love the aesthetics of Sevdaliza and FKA Twigs.

Bicycles for Afghanistan is a rock band from Moscow, founded in the mid-10s. Their music was initially imbued with the student romance of emo-punk, which in the process was reborn into a driving indie rock with solid Russian-language lyrics and notes of light melancholy. Optimistic guitar sound and convincing melody combined with an amazing ability to maintain a positive attitude even in the most difficult moments.

The Loop of Addiction has long earned fame as the most important independent group in the post-Soviet space. Now the team is working on new material, but for now - Stereoleto viewers will have a big concert set with songs that have long been sold for quotations.

Untone Chernov is a project of an ordinary Moscow doctor who, with the help of music, won the title of “doctor of sad souls”. His debut album is an optimistic pop product and, actually, we really miss this kind of music! It will be possible to hear Untone Chernov live for the first time at the Stereoleto anniversary festival.

NIZKIZ - guitar romantics with stadium presentation. Founded in Mogilev, the collective has already won the hearts of spectators all over Belarus, and now it is going to conquer the summer festival in St. Petersburg!