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The music of the American experimental group Son Lux is a unique sound canvas that includes elements of electronics, the sound resembles some kind of epic soundtrack, and in which you can perform each song in the style of art-performance.

American composer Ryan Lot founded the group in 2008, released the debut album "At war with walls and labyrinths" influenced by post-rock and electronics. This album received high marks from critics: the American radio station NPR called Son Lux the best new performer. Now Son Lux already has 6 albums, and the group is extremely fruitful and creative: in 2014, the joint track with the singer Lorde was recorded, their single “Lost It To Trying" became one of the best tracks of the year according to the venerable Pitchfork portal, and the music sounded in the movie “ The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby”. 

Son Lux concert shows amaze with unimaginable energy: the band performs with a live drummer and guitarist, who together with the vocalist form a certain single essence on the stage - the pulsating rhythms and mood swings of their music enchant the listener. At the festival Tinkoff STEREOLETO, in addition to hits, the band will also play songs from its new album Brighter Wounds, which was released in 2018. The album received high marks from the Western press - critics praised it for the drama and intimacy texts.