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Shortparis is a truly unique phenomenon on the Russian music scene. The musical direction of the group can be described as a dramatic art punk with an enchanting show on stage. Connoisseurs of unusual refined music will be able to draw stylistic parallels with the work of such groups as Xiu Xiu or Perfume Genius, but where their Western colleagues go into a more intimate chamber sound, Shortparis turn the soul inside out in performances of a truly stadium scale, and in this they remain very "Russian" group – bringing everything to an insane maximum and lawlessness, what actually amazes the European audience. Having started its creative way in the early 10s in the industrial ghetto of Novokuznetsk, Shortparis in just a few years turned into a group of European level: year after year, the guys hold successful concerts in almost all big cities of Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and the Baltic States. Not without a scandal, as it should be with all these stars: the last video of the group for the song “Fearfully” caused a mixed reaction in the Internet community.