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Hiding behind the pseudonym Rag’n’Bone Man, English singer Rory Graham was born in a village in Sussex County. As a child, he loved to imitate his beloved American bluesman, Muddy Waters, singing his songs. Over time, Rory began hanging out with British indie bands The Kooks and Bat For Lashes and formed his own unique style - a mixture of soulful vocals in the genre of soul and modern hip-hop beats in the spirit of Massive Attack's early work. Graham's first hit was the song "Human", which won first place in the charts of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. On YouTube, the “Human” video has received over 405 million views. In Europe, the single “Human” was sold in gold and platinum editions. At home, in England, Rag N'Bone Man received two Brit Awards. In Russia, they also know and love the artist's work: fans are eagerly awaiting the performances of Rag’n’Bone Man. Despite Graham’s brutal appearance, his music is based on fascinating unhurried rhythms, and the theme of songs is devoid of the themes of crime, drugs and sex typical of most hip-hop artists, and is rather close in spirit to the direction of gospel music. The live performances of Rag’n’Bone Man are practically a mystical ritual, where the listener is completely dissolved in the magic of the extraordinary charisma of the “tender giant” Rory Graham.