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Back in 1997, when Mumiy Troll burst onto the domestic scene, a gray gloom reigned in the Russian rock party. It was a real breath of fresh air, full of the most otvyaznogo drive, bordering on madness. Today, after more than 20 years, Ilya Lagutenko and his team continue to gather thousands of rooms with an amazing drive and concerts that are devastating in sound. The unbridled energy of the early Mumiy Troll has not disappeared anywhere, it is still here, and the fans of the group have only increased - these are those whose youth passed at the turn of the century, and a completely new generation picking up old and new hits with a bang. The group was never afraid to experiment with the sound: as a result, Mumiy Troll has a frenzy indie guitar, interesting electronics and just taking the soul tracks that have already become relatives of many people. In addition to the main hits from the cult first album “Sea”, which celebrated its 20th anniversary, and all subsequent releases, new songs from the album “East x Northwest”, released in 2018, will also be performed at the festival.