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The “Аффинаж” group is rightfully considered to be one of the most distinctive in Russia, because sometimes these four guys manage to sound like a whole orchestra! In many ways, the group returns an element of the primordially Russian spirit to modern music, using in its musical palette good old folk instruments with a centuries-old history: bayan, acoustic guitar, trombone. Surprisingly, with all this sincerity, the audience of “Аффинаж” consists of enough young people who in one evening can go on a new-fashioned electronic rave, and in the morning they can have breakfast under the tracks of “Аффинаж”. The group was founded in St. Petersburg in 2012 and plays in the noir-chanson genre. According to group leader Em Kalinin, they themselves invented a label to their music - it was an attempt to isolate themselves from the already existing tags, to find their own face. Critics often rank “Аффинаж” among the performers in the Russian rock genre, but despite this, the group does not fit into the familiar matrix of the already beaten genre: musicians find new ways to stand out among other Russian-speaking groups and find surprisingly unbroken sound solutions in their creativity. The poster for the Daily described the band's music as "dramatic acoustic rock with trombone and bayan". The team has not and never had producers, labels or major sponsors. As the leader of “Аффинаж”, Em Kalinin, “Our music is often not for love at first sight. But if they really fall in love, then it will be strong and for a long time”.