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July 9 Filastine & Nova will charm everyone with the new album "Drapetomania"! Lessons of entertaining geography and a bit of romance: Gray Filastin from the United States, in Russia he was thrice, and this time he goes to the festival with his chosen one - an Indonesian singer and activist of New Ruth. They met in the birthplace of Ruth in 2010, where the fan of world music Filastin drove in search of new sounds, and at the same time met the love of all life. Now they live in Barcelona and write amazingly eclectic music. He is responsible for electronics and percussion, she, inspired by the spiritual practices of the Muslim father and the Japanese gamelan, sings and plays melodies and drums. These Babylonian dances are produced, in which Middle Eastern melodies, African rhythms and London bass are simultaneously mixed, and all this is synchronized with the marvelous video art. No compromises, no wars - only love. Love and music.