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At their concerts the ladies in evening dresses are side by side with football fans. In their music, rap borders on rock. Their name comes from the biblical verse from the book of the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, quoted in the "Pulp Fiction". Among the people and groups that influenced the group's work: Viktor Tsoi, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yegor Letov, Metallica, Sade, Wu-Tang Clan, Depeche Mode. Among the musicians who took the creation in the recording of their recent album "To Die from Happiness" - Gleb Samoylov, Elka, Basta and others - is such a set. It is not surprising that the music of Omsk hip-hop group "25/17" is entirely built on contrasts. They managed not only to draw a parallel between the domestic rap and Russian rock, but to build two opposite genres into a single coordinate system.